Ashurst sponsors and celebrates the very best of Australian fintech innovation

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    The 8th Annual Australian FinTech Awards took place on Thursday, 25 August 2023 in the Ashurst Ballroom in Sydney.  

    Ashurst has been the Event Partner for these awards since their inception in 2016.

    Since that time we have witnessed the Australian fintech sector mature, grow and develop into one of the fastest fintech sectors in the world at an unprecedented speed.

    With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating digital adoption and more confidence around the ever-increasing opportunities in this sector, entrepreneurs continue to innovate and investors continue to support their ground-breaking businesses.

    The keynote speaker at the Awards was Co-Founder of Constantinople, Macgregor Duncan.  His key message to the fintechs was to think "big" and with a "global" vision.

    This event recognised and celebrated the achievements and successes of industry-leading individuals and companies in Australia across 17-award categories.

    The major award of the evening sponsored by Ashurst, the FinTech Start-Up of the Year, was awarded to Alex Bank. 

    Group of 2023 Ashurst Fintech Awards finalists and winners
    L-R: Macgregor Duncan, Constantinople; Ashurst partner, Stuart Dullard; Alex Bank's – Sascha Hunt, Craig Fenwick, Simon Beitz; Ashurst partner, Jason Maletic; Alex Bank's Chrystalla Vougamalis, Caroline Raffan, Oyishi Haque, and Asheesh Pandey.

    Alex Bank's Co-Founder, Simon Beitz will be a keynote speaker at the Ashurst sponsored The 10th Annual FinTech Summit scheduled on Thursday, 12 October 2023.

    Congratulations to the finalists and award winners.

    • Best Fintech app/website: Supported by Envestnet Yodlee
      Winner: Raiz Invest
    • Best innovation in lending: Supported by MogoPlus
      Winner: Bridgit
    • Best home loan innovation: Supported by Australian FinTech
      Winner: Nimo Industries
    • Best FinTech bank collaboration: Supported by SS&C Inc
      Winner: Shaype (& Commonwealth Bank’s Kit)

    Group of 2023 Ashurst Fintech Awards winners
    L-R:  Brent Davidson, Deposit Power; Phil Verdon, Downsizer; Ashurst Partner, Stuart Dullard; Mark Macduffie, Downsizer; and Ashurst Partner, Jason Maletic.

    • Best use of Ai in Fintech: Supported by Macquarie University
      Winner: Tic:Toc
    • Best innovation in Protech: Supported by Stone & Chalk
      Winner: PropHero

    Group of 2023 Ashurst Fintech Awards winners
    L-R: Macgregor Duncan, Constantinople; Prophero – Sophie Hayek, Delna Mithaiwalla; Stone & Chalk – Marie-Anne Lampotang; and Ben Daniel, Prophero.

    • Best AccountingTech, expense management, payroll & benefits: Supported by Startup Scaleup
      Winner: Thriday

    Group of 2023 Ashurst Fintech Awards winners
    L-R: Macgregor Duncan, Constantinople; Thirday's Yao Tang and Wim Hanse; and Cameron Dart, Australian Fintech and Startup Scaleup (Sponsor).

    • Best sustainability initiative: Supported by Investment NSW
      Winner: Pathzero
    • Young Fintech leader of the year (under 35): Supported by NGM Group
      Winner: Sophie Hayek, CEO, PropHero
    • Female Fintech leader of the year: Supported by Seed Space Venture Capital
      Winner: Kate Gubbins, Founder, Simpology
    • Fintech leader of the year: Supported by NETSOL
      Winner: Caleb Gibbons, Founder, Cache
    • Fast starter award: Supported by Valor Recruitment
      Winner: Primary
    • Best Fintech growth story: Supported by Envestnet Yodlee
      Winner: Bridgit
    • Ashurst Fintech startup of the year
      Winner: Alex Bank

    Ashurst partner Geoff McGrath, Imelda Newton from TicToc and Pierre de Pierre de Villecourt from ICM at Fintech Awards 2023
    L-R: Ashurst partner, Geoff McGrath; Imelda Newton, Tic:Toc; and Pierre de Pierre de Villecourt, ICM.


    Ashurst Fintech banner at FinTech Awards