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Today’s economic and social climate presents financial institutions with significant challenges and opportunities.

The challenges include increasing levels of financial distress, liquidity challenges and private capital dry powder, interest rate volatility, inflation, skills shortages, cyber security threats and regulatory changes. Opportunities emerge in the continuing rise of digital banking, big data, green banking, AI chatbots, blockchain, embedded finance and banking as a service (BaaS).

We have a team of over 350 highly skilled finance lawyers across all major world financial centres. Our legal expertise, industry knowledge and dynamic approach enable us to deliver innovative, practical and commercial solutions.

Knowing your business

No matter how complex or multi-jurisdictional, Ashurst has the expertise to provide optimal solutions.

Understanding the digital economy

Our team knows the latest trends on the digitisation of banking, BaaS, data, privacy, AI and more.

Keeping ahead of regulatory changes

We can help navigate regulatory and risk matters, especially relating to anti–money laundering and counter–terrorism financing in the digital era.

Supporting cyber security

Our team can help with building cyber resilience and managing cyber risks through the right legal advice, advisory services and program delivery.

Embracing innovation

Adopt an innovative approach to financial services through Ashurst Advance, our ‘NewLaw’ platform that offers cutting-edge technology, process experts and high-quality, lower-cost resources.

Staying competitive in FinTech

Ashurst’s FinTech Legal Labs can help you stay competitive in the era of rapid fintech adoption and technological disruption.

How we can help

  • Acquisition and leveraged finance

    Borrowers and lenders face increasing pressure as leveraged finance markets tighten

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  • Corporate lending and loan markets

    The corporate lending market faces a potentially challenging future with changing regulations and the rise of alternative financing, blockchain-based solutions and embedded finance.

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  • Non-performing loan resolution transactions

    The global volume of loan portfolio transactions has grown over the past decade, along with

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  • Specialty finance

    Specialty finance is undergoing a transformation due to innovations in fintech, including developments

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  • Funds finance

    The global outlook for funds financing is uncertain, given the relatively unstable economic climate

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  • Real estate finance

    We understand the direction of travel for real estate and real estate finance

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  • Strategic projects

    Developing and implementing complex strategic projects often involves various multi-sourced financing options.

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  • Infrastructure finance

    With the impact of global economic instability, geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruption, digital transformation and sustainability concerns, the infrastructure sector is experiencing a period of transition.

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