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Our antitrust, regulation and foreign investment practice advises clients globally, including across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Australia.

We work with the European Commission and European courts on a daily basis, as well as the regulatory authorities in jurisdictions around the world. Furthermore, we have experience in advising on a number of market studies and market investigations carried out by the European Union and national competition authorities.

Authorities are proactively seeking to regulate competition and enforce antitrust rules and companies increasingly face the risk that their industry will be closely scrutinised. With the growth of Big Tech, competition and consumer law have become more intertwined and companies will need to consider the impact of new regulations focusing on the digital sector which are being introduced across multiple jurisdictions. Increased regulation is likely to continue to be an issue in the future.

We believe that robust commercial antitrust advice must be grounded in solid economic assessment from the outset and are one of the very few global law firms with an in-house team of economists.

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Foreign direct investment

We have broad experience in the rapidly evolving area of foreign investment. We regularly manage FDI analysis and processes on deals across multiple jurisdictions.

Global team

Cross-border capability

Our team works seamlessly across the globe to provide integrated advice on legal and economic frameworks.


Commercial and innovative solutions

We are recognised for our commercial pragmatism and our team provides commercial solutions-focused advice.

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Industry expertise

We draw on industry expertise across our global team and the firm to provide tailored advice.

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Regulatory changes

We can help you navigate changes as new regulation and guidance enter into force.


Fully integrated legal and economics expertise

Our fully integrated legal and economics expertise  mirrors  teams  fielded  by competition  authorities,  and  clients consistently identify this as a crucial differentiating    factor    that    adds significant  value  across  the  board, particularly in complex matters.


Legal development

Antitrust, Regulation & Foreign Investment Q1 2024 newsletter

Welcome to our first quarterly newsletter of 2024, where the Ashurst Antitrust, Regulation and Foreign Investment Team recaps some of the key developments of Q1 2024.

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Business Insight

APAC Competition Law Quarterly

Explore the key competition developments and enforcement cases across Asia-Pacific via our interactive map tool.

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Raid Assist – Dawn Raids App

In partnership with Ashurst Advance Digital, we have launched a dawn raid app which provides businesses with support preparing for and responding to a raid by the competition authorities.

The app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play with no registration needed, and it provides a structured set of key response actions and materials to help all those involved in the raid respond appropriately during what can be a stressful and pressurised event.

Full details available on the App Store and Google Play.

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  • Merger Control and FDI

    The relevance of foreign direct investment (FDI) and national security regimes to international M&A has dramatically increased over recent years.

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  • Cartels & Antitrust Investigations

    Our global team has decades of experience advising clients worldwide on domestic and international cartel investigations

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  • Abuse of Dominance Investigations

    Companies with strong market positions are facing increasing scrutiny

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  • Market & Sector Investigations

    Market and sector investigations are increasingly a tool being added to the armoury of anti-trust and sector regulators

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  • Competition Litigation

    Our litigation practice builds on the foundation of our competition law practice.

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  • State Aid and Subsidies

    Businesses in receipt of government assistance in the EU and UK need careful and experienced advice on State aid and subsidies.

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  • Regulated Industries and Infrastructure Access

    One of the key issues in regulated industries is access to infrastructure. This is important because it can affect competition, innovation and pricing in these industries.

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  • Public Procurement

    Public procurement plays an important role in ensuring that government entities are held accountable for how they spend public funds, and that private businesses have a fair and transparent opportunity to compete for government contracts.

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  • Competition Compliance

    Dawn raids refer to surprise inspections or searches carried out by law enforcement agencies or regulatory bodies and can be carried out for a variety of reasons.

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  • Consumer Law

    As the law develops in areas such as unfair contract terms, unconscionable conduct, product recalls and consumer warranties it is essential to get the right advice.

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