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Our use of cookies and other information-gathering technologies

A "cookie" is a small text file which is stored on the user's hard drive or mobile device. Cookies perform a number of functions associated with browsing websites and are used for a variety of different purposes. These include enabling features of a website to function, providing analytics to assess website performance, and supporting communications and marketing. Cookies are generated or updated by the website and the technologies it uses when the user visits a web page or performs an action. They are then passed to the user's computer or mobile device and stored for subsequent future access.

We use cookies in different ways on the website in order to understand what features users are interested in, to make the platform and its corresponding services function for you, and to customise your browsing experience. We divide Cookies into categories depending on their origin, function and purpose. You can find further information about the Cookies we use on detailed below.

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This policy was last updated on 15/06/2023.

Setting your cookie preferences

On the website

On visiting the website, 'Strictly Necessary' cookies are automatically set. You cannot disable these unless you change your browser or device settings. Doing this may lead to some parts of our site not functioning as intended.

When prompted by the cookie banner you must make a selection in order to determine the additional cookies that are set on the website.

  • 'I Decline' – no other cookies are set.
  • 'I agree' – analytics and marketing cookies are set.

We use the following cookies "cookie_consent_user_consent_token", "cookieAccepted", "cookie_consent_level", "cookie_consent_user_accepted" to manage cookie acceptance/rejection of the cookie policy. This expires one year after the last page was requested.

On your internet browser or device

You are not obliged to accept a cookie from or any other website. At any time you can delete cookies from your browser or device and modify your settings if you do not accept cookies.

This can be done in the privacy and security settings of your browser or device. For more information please visit the browser developer's website.

On web services

Each individual website, mobile app or service may have its own privacy and cookies settings. Should you wish to change them individually, this can be done by visiting that particular browser site and amending your cookie preferences accordingly.

Please note that rejecting all non-essential web service cookies may affect your browsing experience and certain functions within the website may not work.

Cookies on the website

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly Necessary (essential) cookies are needed for the website to function and cannot be switched off within the website.

They may be set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in to our client portal or filling in website forms. These cookies do not collect information from a user's computer, and do not identify an individual user. We use the following Strictly Necessary cookies:

This is a general purpose platform session cookie used by sites written with Miscrosoft .NET based technologies. They are usually used to maintain an anonymised user session by the server.
__RequestVerificationTokenAshurst.comThis is an anti-forgery cookie set by web applications built using ASP.NET MVC technologies. It is designed to stop unauthorised posting of content to a website, known as Cross-Site Request Forgery. It holds no information about the user and is destroyed on closing the browser.
ashurst#lang, shell#lang, ashurstsxa#lang, Ashurst.comThis cookie remembers language selection on
cookieAccepted, cookie_consent_user_consent_token, cookie_consent_user_accepted cookies remember that a user has accepted cookies
sxa_site, In_or Supports website function
KV_Client_Session_IDQumu (video hosting)This cookie measures and reports on video use across

Qumu (video hosting)This cookie speeds up video loading
JSESSIONIDQumu (video hosting)This is a general purpose platform session cookie, used by sites written in Javascript. This cookie is usually used to maintain an anonymous user session by the server.
i18nextQumu (video hosting)This cookie remembers the language settings for video
This cookie remembers that you have logged in to the client portal (if applicable)
This cookie prevents cross-site activities
 OGPCGoogle Supports Google maps functionality 
 ARRAffinity, ARRAffinitySameSite AzureEdge Supports server load balancing

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Performance/Analytics Cookies

These cookies allow Ashurst to understand how effectively our website is functioning and to better understand user needs and behaviours. They provide us with insight into web page usage and provide us with information on how visitors navigate This data allows us to assess and improve website user experience.

Some of these cookies are used by the website to provide a more personalised and localised experience.

This cookie remembers trending insights (content promotion) and supports website optimisation features such as personalisation and A/B testing.
SearchTermAshurst.comThis remembers most recent search on to allow you to revisit a search page
_ga, _sfidQumu/KuluPerformance and analytics support for Qumu/Kulu video player
 Youtube.comPerformance and analytics support for Youtube videos
 X-Tracking, _ga, X-HA-Session-Id, _ga_VMR7QKQ0JN termsfeed.comPerformance and analytics support for cookie banner provided by termsfeed

This cookie name is associated with the Sitecore Content Management System and is used for web analytics to identify repeat visits by unique users

This cookie also supports website optimisation features such as personalisation and A/B testing

_gid,_gat_UA-80348644-1,_ga, _ga_WQ4N5GQ66X, _ga_CENBR051J9, _gcl_au, OTZ
These are Google Analytics cookies used to help measure website usage.
_hjClosedSurveyInvites, _hjDonePolls, _hjMinimizedPolls, _hjShownFeedbackMessage, _hjSessionTooLarge, _hjid, _hjRecordingLastActivity, _hjTLDTest, _hjUserAttributesHash, _hjCachedUserAttributes, _hjLocalStorageTest, _hjIncludedInPageviewSample, _hjIncludedInSessionSample, _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress, _hjFirstSeen, _hjViewportId, _hjRecordingEnabled, _BEAMER_LAST_POST_SHOWN_zeKLgqli17986, _uetvid, _BEAMER_FIRST_VISIT_zeKLgqli17986, OptanonConsent, _scid, _hjptid, ajs_user_id, _BEAMER_USER_ID_zeKLgqli17986, _gcl_aw, _BEAMER_LAST_UPDATE_zeKLgqli17986, _BEAMER_DATE_zeKLgqli17986, _hjid, _hjTLDTest, _hjKB, _gac_UA-51401671-1, utm_params, ajs_anonymous_id, _fbp, _ga HotJarThese cookies are used to help us understand website user experience.
 _ga, _hjSessionUser_2374817, _ga_CENBR051J9, TS0188544b Analytics cookies for Azure

* Links provided where available

Marketing Cookies may at any time use a range of Marketing Cookies. These may be set by and its various technologies or third party providers. These cookies help us target, measure and improve our digital activity.

Marketing Cookies are deployed or updated when a user interacts with marketing communications such as online adverts, marketing emails or marketing-based landing pages on our website. They do not directly store personal information, but are based on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device. This data is collected in order to determine the pages you visit and, if applicable, how you were directed to The data is used to improve marketing and communications activities.

Third party cookies are set by other websites or apps you have visited or used previously. Ashurst does not have control over these cookies and as such may be subject to change.

_gid, Lissc, Lidc,Lang, UserMatchHistory, _guid, aam_uuid, bcookie, _ga, li_oatml, AMCV_14215E3D5995C57C0A495C55%40AdobeOrg, _gcl_au, JSESSIONID, bscookie, li_rm, G_ENABLED_IDPS, visit, liveagent_oref, liveagent_ptid, liveagent_vc, mbox, liap, li_at, s_fid, sl, spectroscopyld, _gcl_au, _gcl_aw, _gcl_dc, _gac_UA-62256447-1, ELOQUA, li_sugr, AnalyticsSyncHistory, li_gc
This set of third party cookies support LinkedIn's marketing capabilities that Ashurst may use to advertise online.

This set of third party cookies support Google's marketing capabilities that Ashurst may use to advertise online.
outbrain_cid_fetch, OptanonConsent, OptanonAlertBoxClosed
These cookies are used to measure Outbrain marketing activity.
 muc_ads, ct0, guest_id, personalization_id, guest_id_marketing, guest_id_ads, d_prefs, gt, _gt, _gid, guest_id_adsTwitter These cookies are used to measure Twitter marketing activity.
 _fbq, _fbc, datr, sbFacebookThis set of third party cookies support Facebook's marketing capabilities that Ashurst may use to advertise online.
SIDCC, SAPISID, APISID, HSID, __Secure-3PSID, __Secure-1PSID, SID, YSC, __Secure-3PSIDCC, __Secure-1PSIDCC, SSID, __Secure-3PAPISID, __Secure-1PAPISID YoutubeThis set of third party cookies support Google's marketing capabilities that Ashurst may use to advertise online.
 IDE Doubleclick A set of cookies to support marketing capabilities

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