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Caring Responsibilities

Empowering our people to balance their caring and family roles

Over our lifetimes, our priorities and responsibilities change. Many of us at Ashurst balance caring and family roles with our aspirations at work.

Caring for loved ones in any capacity is rewarding, but can be a demanding and consuming responsibility, no matter how rewarding. Whether it's taking leave, providing support or personal care, or responsibility for our own or others' wellbeing, we know that the key to supporting our people is providing tools and flexibility that empower them to find a balance that works.


Our Global Parental Leave Policy, FamilyCare, is market-leading in its approach to providing a breadth of consistent support and entitlements to our people across the globe.

FamilyCare moves well beyond traditional parental leave policies, allowing for surrogacy, foster and kinship care, as well as leave entitlements for people dealing with the difficulty of pregnancy loss and fertility treatments. Through it, we also provide support to help make the transition back to work as seamless as possible.

We respect the diverse family spectrum, offering equal and generous parental leave entitlements to any eligible employee, regardless of their gender identity or status as a primary or secondary parent.

Our policies are supplemented by practical support for our people, including our FamilyMatters Employee Network, which supports our people in balancing their work with caring responsibilities, such as parental and elder care.

FamilyCare in Action: Our Stories

“Our priority is to recognise and support the diversity of family life. At times, this involves navigating incredible challenges as well as incredible joy. Our market-leading approach ensures our people have the support they need to pursue their aspirations for their family and career.” Andrea Bell, Chief People Officer

At Ashurst we understand the importance of family and the power of support and understanding from your workplace when balancing parenting, life and work. Read some of our people’s reflections about their FamilyCare experiences and the difference it makes for them.


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Flexibility That Drives Innovation

At Ashurst we are committed to building our culture in a way which supports our people to perform at their best. We prioritise high performance, flexible work practices, authentic and thoughtful connections, personal authority and choice, and accountability.

Our hybrid working model supports all our people, not just those with caring responsibilities, because we all have full lives. Through it we take a deliberate and thoughtful approach to building and maintaining connections, being purposeful, and valuing the opportunities to work together in the office, from our home or on-site with our clients.

At Ashurst, Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging Are At The Heart Of Everything We Do

By celebrating key events and observances, sponsoring employee networks, shaping policies and activities, building learning and understanding, and offering tools, benefits and services to our people and our clients, we aspire to bring Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging to life and foster an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and respectful of all backgrounds and perspectives.

As a client or professional considering working with us, we invite you to learn more about how we value and celebrate diversity, foster inclusion, and cultivate a sense of belonging for all.

We know that by doing so, we not only provide exceptional legal services leveraging true diversity of thought and best practice in the IDB space, but also make a positive impact on the world around us.