Andrea Bell

Andrea Bell

Chief People Officer based in Sydney

Andrea Bell

Andrea Bell is our chief people officer

Andrea is the Chief People Officer at Ashurst, commencing with the firm in November 2019.

Over the course of Andrea's career she has developed her experience and expertise in supporting performance growth at individual, cultural and organisational levels in the global law firm environment.  She is passionate about creating environments where people are supported to thrive and be enabled to unlock potential.  She believes that law firm performance and personal sustainability must co-exist and the key to achieving this is through collaborative networks, human connections and service delivery augmented with technology.

Andrea has for many years led HR and also Organisational Development and Learning teams.  She has BSSc (Psychology) and MComm (HR and Organisational Development) degrees from the UNSW and is accredited in a range of psychometric, leadership and culture tools.

Andrea has expertise in the areas of values, remuneration, leadership, performance, diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition, strategic talent management and engagement.