Who we are

Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging

At the heart of everything we do

Each of us brings something unique to our world.

At Ashurst, we know the power of combining unique perspectives and talent to drive extraordinary solutions and services for our clients.

Fostering an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and respectful of all backgrounds and perspectives is the cornerstone of our values and the foundation of our success. At Ashurst, Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Work

At Ashurst, Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging (IDB) are more than just buzzwords. Our ambitious IDB Action Plan outlines our commitments to action across our inclusion priorities.

“Our IDB Action Plan reinforces our goals and motivates us to keep evolving our approach to inclusion, diversity and belonging. It is central to how we live our purpose of working together to create extraordinary outcomes for our people, clients and the community.” Paul Jenkins, Global Chief Executive Officer


Across our global firm and practice areas we bring IDB champions together in our Committed to Change Advisory Group, chaired by our Global Managing Partner Paul Jenkins.

Our employee networks, function heads, partners and executive team sponsors lead from the front in identifying our priorities and championing engagement in the behaviours and activities which drive Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging at Ashurst.

Our aspirations are not just ambitious, they are transparent. We’ve set ourselves targets for gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability, which keep us focused on creating real progress in our business. Find out more about our strategic approach to progress on our IDB Resources Page.

We have also identified six IDB 'strands', which are part of our DNA and representing the vast spectrum of diversity at Ashurst today:

Our Six IDB Strands

Caring responsibilities

Empowering our people to balance their caring and family roles

Disability and Wellbeing

Embedding accessibility and inclusion in everything we do

Gender Equality

Championing gender equality for opportunity and advancement

LGBTI+ Inclusion

Pride in our LGBTI+ community


Recognising, respecting and celebrating our rich cultural diversity

Social Inclusion and Mobility

Forging pathways to opportunity

We’re proud to say that our work in the IDB space has been recognised with a number of awards and recognition including:

  • Most Innovative Law Firm at the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards Europe 2022
  • Diversity Initiative of the Year at the Australasian Law Awards 2022
  • Diversity Initiative of the Year at the Women, Influence & Power in Law UK Awards 2022
  • Excellence in Human Resource Innovation at the Legal Innovation Awards (UK) 2022
  • Azure Award for Innovation at the Azur Awards (Germany) 2022
  • Diversity Campaign of the Year at the Herald Diversity Awards 2021
  • Diversity Initiative of the Year award for disability at the Australasian Law Awards 2021
  • Grand Prix for Best Social Mobility Initiative – People in Law Awards 2021
  • Bronze Employer at the Australian LGBTQ Awards 2021
  • Awarded the “The Recruitment Programme of the Year” award at the UK Social Mobility Awards 2020
  • Professional Service Award at Proud Scotland Awards 2020

At Ashurst, Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging Are At The Heart Of Everything We Do

By celebrating key events and observances, sponsoring employee networks, shaping policies and activities, building learning and understanding, and offering tools, benefits and services to our people and our clients, we aspire to bring Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging to life and foster an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and respectful of all backgrounds and perspectives.

As a client or legal professional considering working with us, we invite you to learn more about how we value and celebrate diversity, foster inclusion, and cultivate a sense of belonging for all.

We know that by doing so, we not only provide exceptional legal services leveraging true diversity of thought and best practice in the IDB space, but also make a positive impact on the world around us.