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Different routes to becoming a parent

FamilyCare Story

Not everyone's journey to parenthood is the same and I feel incredibly grateful and proud to work for such a progressive law firm who appreciates this. The FamilyCare policy delivers on Ashurst's progressive vision by supporting families through both difficult and joyous times in their lives.

As a leader of the firm, I feel it is important that I share my fertility experience in the hope it will help others know they are not alone, and that the firm is committed to supporting us.

When the FamilyCare policy was first announced by Andrea Bell I remember reading her email and being overwhelmed with tears. At the time, I had very little personal or annual leave remaining because I'd taken leave to support our fertility journey for our second child - including two recent pregnancy losses.

This policy brought me immense relief, knowing that I could access paid leave to continue our fertility treatment. This made it possible to take time away from work so that I could prioritise the treatments, and heal following pregnancy loss and the trials of the fertility process.

Being able to take time off without the burden of financial pressure from unpaid leave made such a big difference to me, and undoubtedly to those going through similar struggles.

I love working at Ashurst because of the opportunities I have to contribute to our transformation agenda and the culture of our firm – a culture of caring, curiosity, creativity and comradery.

The caring culture was clearly evident during my journey with Ashurst, and in particular my immediate team, who supported me without hesitation in pursuing simultaneously my hope to grow our family and my progression to partnership.

“Ashurst not only recognises the diversity of family life and different routes to becoming a parent, they have taken action to show their support and commitment. Regardless of your fertility journey, carers status or the ways of becoming a parent, you are respected and you are supported by Ashurst.
Morgan Spain, Partner