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Digital Solutions

We integrate technology into our solutions to optimise the delivery of legal services

We think digital by design. Our investment in digital tools helps us to drive efficiencies and cost savings in legal service delivery and helps you to apply our legal advice in practical ways. 

We design, develop and deliver integrated solutions that combine our legal expertise with best-in-class technology and user design principles to enhance the delivery of our legal services to you.

Our team has significant experience:

  • using automation, AI and data analytics to improve the accuracy and speed at which we can deliver services and transform advice
  • creating fit-for-purpose digital solutions to help drive efficiencies and productivity at a matter, project and team level
  • developing collaborative, cloud-based workspaces for legal and client teams to work and communicate together more efficiently
  • maximising opportunities for commercialising digital transformation.

Our digital toolkit helps to streamline and optimise legal service delivery, enabling us to:

  • deliver legal matters more efficiently and cost-effectively, ensuring your projects are delivered on time and on budget
  • unlock new and hidden value in the legal process
  • deliver business results and outcomes that are aligned to your strategic objectives
  • ensure higher levels of accuracy and consistency to reduce risk and uncertainty
  • collect and analyse data throughout the matter lifecycle to provide you with greater transparency, insight and control
  • create new digital products that delivers Ashurst’s legal guidance and advice, when and where you need it.

Working closely with our legal experts, our digital services team helps our clients address complex business challenges.

Our digital toolkit

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Document Automation

Document automation transforms frequently-used documents into intelligent templates, enabling anyone to create high-quality first draft documents by completing a simple online questionnaire. It helps your team to generate first draft documents, increasing accuracy, and saving up to 90% of the time compared to manual production.


AI-Powered Document Review and Due Diligence

Our AI platform uses powerful machine learning algorithms that enable us to review large numbers of documents faster and more accurately than manual reviewing allows. AI-powered document review and due diligence makes contract review, data extraction and due diligence processes more accurate, efficient and cost-effective.

Checklist Management

Our collaborative, online checklists provide you with a single source of truth regarding the status of key actions and documents associated with a matter. Our centralised, secure checklists allow multiple parties access to the latest versions of documents and track matter deliverables in real time.

Client Platforms & Portals

Our cloud-based file sharing, collaboration and project management platform provides scalable, secure online workspaces for internal and external project teams to collaborate online. Our secure client platforms: include task and event tracking, dashboards and data visualisation; increase efficiency; and reduce email traffic.


Our e-signature platform works on mobile and tablet devices enabling the efficient, paperless execution of legal documents without the need to print, sign and scan. A full audit trail provides document history and a certificate of completion.


Expertise Automation

By combining questionnaires and logic with automated actions, our interactive, self-service web-based apps lead users to the correct legal advice and outputs quickly. Expertise automation improves efficiency and cost savings and empowers your teams to make decisions without engaging a lawyer and incurring fees.

Our solutions

  • ESG Ready

    This user-friendly solution offers tailored guidance on ESG readiness

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  • Raid Assist – Dawn Raids App

    Developed by our competition and antitrust team

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  • Privilege Plus

    Is your document covered by legal professional privilege or not?

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  • EMI & CSOP Qualifier

    This tool indicates whether or not your company qualifies under either an EMI scheme, or alternatively a CSOP scheme, under UK tax legislation

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Case studies

Contract analysis - Document automation – Collaboration


We were retained by a global banking client to facilitate the processing and on-boarding of customers as part of a Business Banking Switch Scheme.


Using bespoke code on top of our digital toolkit, we developed a solution to interpret and extract structured data from finance documents that fed directly into our document automation software. Over 3,000 unique loan and security documents were generated for over 600 new customers for our client.

Document automation - E-signatures – Collaboration


We needed to support a large retail bank with the swift preparation and completion of compliant and enforceable documentation to enable customers to participate in the UK Government’s CBILS scheme.


We created a complete end-to-end solution using our digital toolkit that automated the production and signing of facility and security documentation, meaning deals were completed in 72 hours not weeks.

Collaboration - Document automation - Contract analysis


As part of a large corporate restructuring, we were required to review 3,000 leases from multiple jurisdictions and prepare 550 subleases.


We used our document automation tool to bulk generate 983 documents within 72 hours, delivering the client a 93% cost saving, as compared to a fully manual drafting process. We also helped accelerate the due diligence with our machine learning platform for contract analysis and utilised online collaboration sites to give full matter dashboarding and real time reporting.

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