ESG Ready

The simple solution you need to get ready for the new EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

Financial services firms are being asked by governments and regulators to re-orientate capital flows towards sustainable finance and increase transparency by integrating ESG factors into their investment processes and customer disclosures.

In March 2021, the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation will come into effect, introducing new obligations and standards for all firms selling financial products within or into the European Union.

The Regulation is complex; it interacts with multiple existing regulatory regimes (such as MiFID2 and AIFMD) and comes into effect in phases - meaning constant monitoring will be required to ensure compliance.

To help, we have embedded our market leading EU financial services expertise within a simple and cost-effective digital product, ESG Ready, powered by Ashurst Advance Digital, making it your one-stop shop for ESG regulatory compliance.

Let Ashurst help you get ESG Ready.



We've designed ESG Ready as a solution that is very much user friendly and focused. It is practical, accessible and will deliver tailored guidance on which users can rely to cost-effectively ensure compliance.



Regulatory change remains one of the biggest challenges facing our clients, who have universally been calling out for a digital solution to help them cut through the complexity. With ESG Ready, we deliver on that ambitious challenge by perfectly marrying our technology capability with our legal expertise in a scalable digital product.


ESG Ready: Features

Our leading EU financial services expertise packaged into a one-stop digital solution for ESG compliance.

ESG Ready uses sophisticated decision logic and automated workflows to classify entities under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and then generate customised and maintained obligation trackers that enable transparent monitoring and compliance with the necessary requirements.

Self-assessment questionnaire

Categorises in-scope entities quickly and efficiently under the regulations. Takes complex decision logic contained in the new regulations and simplifies it into a questionnaire that automatically determines an entity's classification.

Bespoke obligation trackers
Assesses regulatory obligations and requirements for each of your in-scope entities and automatically allocates tailored and maintained obligations trackers containing only applicable obligations that are based on its assessment outcome.

Dynamic content updating

Automatically syncs obligation trackers to a central database maintained by our expert Financial Regulatory team that reflects the most recent consultative and published guidance and clearly signposts when rules have been finalised.

Updates and notifications
Uses e-mail and in-product alerts to give you and your team complete visibility of the latest ESG developments, newly published guidance, content updates and status changes.

Project management tools and advanced reporting
Contains in-built project management and collaboration tools as well as advanced reporting capability such as data visualisation and customised spreadsheet exports to enable you to proactively and thoroughly manage your compliance programme.

Audit trail
Includes advanced auditing capability that gives you a complete step-by-step record of your obligation and compliance data so that you can trace data back to origination, as well as verify and track activities taken towards compliance.

ESG Ready Benefits

Complete reliance
Delivers automated legal advice, not just legal information or guidance - meaning that you quickly receive actionable legal counsel and analysis upon which you can confidently rely.

Classifications under the new regulations can be carried out in seconds rather than hours - enabling you to get the regulatory clarity and certainty you need quickly, without an expensive and time consuming process.
Dynamic reporting
Requirements, obligations and compliance management data can be searched, filtered and exported at entity level - making it quick and easy to access the information you need to proactively address the required regulatory change.

Streamlined change management
Optimises every stage of the regulatory change process with intelligent workflow and automated decision making - increasing the speed and simplicity of the implementation project.

Organisation and regulator confidence
Creates a single source of truth for the entire compliance program - making it straightforward for users to quickly generate reports and share analysis in order to provide assurance to their organisation and the regulator.

Regulatory confidence
Ashurst's expert Financial Regulatory lawyers will monitor, track and interpret guidance throughout the implementation period so that your obligations are always up-to-date and in sync - providing complete certainty every step of the way.

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