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What’s Ahead: 2024 Digital Economy in the EU & UK

What’s Ahead: 2024 Digital Economy in the EU & UK

    Key themes, incoming reforms and cases to watch

    Digital platforms, online content providers and other businesses active in the digital economy face an increasingly complex and evolving legal and regulatory landscape in the EU and UK with privacy and data regulation, online safety, competition and consumer issues increasingly intertwined in the digital sphere, and new regulation such as the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Digital Services Act (DSA). We are also likely to see more investigations, novel theories of harm, intrusive remedies, substantial penalties and more private actions. 

    It is essential to adopt an integrated approach that is consistent across legal areas and is future-proofed so far as possible. To help you stay on top of the key developments, our multi-disciplinary team has created a snapshot of significant emerging themes, incoming reforms, and cases to watch this year.

    Authors: Nigel Parr, Partner, Antitrust, Regulation and Foreign Investment; Rafael Baena, Partner, Antitrust, Regulation and Foreign Investment; Anna Morfey, Partner, Antitrust, Regulation and Foreign Investment; Gabriele Accardo, Partner, Antitrust, Regulation and Foreign Investment; Fiona Garside, Senior Expertise Lawyer, Antitrust, Regulation and Foreign Investment; Hayden Dunnett, Associate, Antitrust, Regulation and Foreign Investment; Emile Abdul-Wahab, Senior Associate, Antitrust, Regulation and Foreign Investment; Amanda Ludlow, Partner, Digital Economy; Nicolas Quoy, Partner, Digital Economy; Alexander Duisberg, Partner, Digital Economy; Patricia Wade, Expertise Counsel, Digital Economy; Antoine Boullet, Avocat à la Cour, Digital Economy; Tim West, Partner, Dispute Resolution; Martin Eimer, Partner, Dispute Resolution; Jon Gale, Partner, Dispute Resolution; Rosie Stanger, Senior Associate, Dispute Resolution; Angus Rance, Senior Associate, Dispute Resolution; Justin Browne, Senior Associate, Dispute Resolution; Julia Spain, Partner, Risk Advisory; Matthew Worsfold, Partner, Risk Advisory; William Barrow, Senior Associate, Digital Economy Transactions; David Futter, Partner, Digital Economy Transactions; Aimi Gold, Senior Associate, Digital Economy Transactions


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