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    Matthew Worsfold, Ashurst Risk Advisory, Sydney

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    What do you think sets Ashurst apart from other firms?

    The commitment to innovating the way in which we provide our legal services and the way in which this helps us optimise outcomes for our clients. Whether this is through the use of data, technology, our consulting practice or our NewLaw capability, we are able to think differently about solving our clients most complex challenges. In addition, the combination of our deep expertise across our specialist legal practice areas, our market-leading risk advisory capability in Ashurst Consulting and our innovative NewLaw delivery offering in Ashurst Advance is unmatched in the market and means we can operationalise the legal advice we provide to our clients.

    What do you enjoy most about working in the legal sector?

    Working in a consulting practice in the legal sector, it's the opportunity to work alongside some exceptional lawyers to deliver integrated legal and risk solutions in a truly differentiated way. It also provides the opportunity work at the forefront of the most critical and complex challenges that our clients face. In addition, as someone who is passionate about data, it's the opportunity to continue to find ways to innovate and demonstrate the power and value of data and analytics in the way we provide our legal services.

    Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

    Back at university I tried my hand as an amateur DJ, playing at student events and club nights usually to a very limited crowd!

    Richard Bulmore, RSSG, London


    What do you think sets Ashurst apart from other firms?

    Collaboration. For our clients, this means we can seamlessly bring together experts from an entire global firm to offer them the best solutions. It's also a very enjoyable and rewarding way to work.

    What do you enjoy most about working in the legal sector?

    I really enjoy the variety of being a restructuring lawyer: the range of sectors and stakeholders and the complexity of the problems that need to be solved. No two days are the same and they are never dull.

    Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

    I am a keen runner and I enjoy travelling. Occasionally these combine, with unlikely outcomes: in 2018 I was training for a marathon whilst staying in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

    Samantha Carroll, Finance Regulatory, Brisbane


    What makes Ashurst extraordinary?

    The culture and the people. Everyone I have worked with have been exceptional at what they do but also work collaboratively and are open to new ideas.

    As we celebrate 200 years of Ashurst this year, what do you think lies ahead for the legal industry?

    Legal advice is changing and no longer is limited by a 'black letter law' answer. We are increasingly being challenged by our clients to think differently and provide strategic advice to support their businesses. I feel this direction is taking the legal industry in an exciting direction.

    What is the best advice you have been given, and by who?

    A partner I worked for gave me some early advice that I should always look for the learning opportunity in every circumstance. This advice has helped me particularly in challenging times as it changes the focus from negative to positive.

    Francesca Downes, Corporate Transactions, London


    What do you think sets Ashurst apart from other firms?

    Our collaborative and personable nature is not isolated to a single team or office; it is a genuine part of our make-up as a firm and that is evident when you speak to anyone that works at Ashurst across the globe. This, along with our extraordinary commitment to excellence and inclusion, diversity and belonging, really puts us at the forefront of the legal market as a progressive partner to our clients and a great place to work for our people.

    What do you enjoy most about working in the legal sector?

    Bringing together different teams across multiple jurisdictions to deliver a successful transaction or strategic goal for a client is immensely exciting and truly satisfying (when you get there!). Along the way, no two days are the same and I relish the challenge to provide innovative solutions to the issues facing our clients on a day-to-day basis.

    Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

    I very nearly chose to become an archaeologist due to a keen interest in classics and ancient sites. Fortunately, someone persuaded me that a career in law would mean far fewer days in a tent in the cold and rain. So far that's proven true!

    Ricardo García-Borregón, Tax, Madrid


    What do you think sets Ashurst apart from other firms?

    Definitely, our people. Since I joined Ashurst as a student while finishing my degree, I realised that Ashurst's people were different. It is not something easy to define, but I really believe that we are approachable, collaborative, open to learning, innovative, friendly… great people to work with! And that is something that both our clients and colleagues can feel when working with us and which contributes to creating the extraordinary Ashurst experience.

    What do you enjoy most about working in the legal sector?

    I really enjoy how challenging working in the legal sector is: it is necessary to be fully up-to-date with all the legal developments (which is something particularly relevant when you are a tax lawyer in Spain!) and to be able to combine a robust technical excellence with a pragmatic commercial approach which takes into account our clients' business needs.

    Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

    I come from Santiago de Compostela, a small city in the North-West of Spain (Galicia), which is well known for the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James), a large network of ancient pilgrim routes stretching across Europe which come together at the tomb of St. James in Santiago. 2022 is a Holy Year and thousands of pilgrims will come to visit the city (and you are all invited to do so!).