Ashurst platinum sponsor for FFA Fund Finance Symposium

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    Ashurst is proud to sponsor the FFA Fund Finance Symposium 2020 taking place virtually, across three time zones between Monday 16 November and Friday 20 November 2020.

    On Tuesday 17 November Ashurst Partner, Navdeep Benning will be hosting the "Beyond the Sub Line" panel alongside industry specialists Steve Burton of ICG, Rich Davis of Hark Capital, Kate Sinclair of STB and Simon Thwaites of Barclays.

    Following this, on Wednesday 18 November Singapore partner Jean Woo will be moderating 'The Great (Fund Domicile) Debate: Cayman v Singapore v HK v Luxembourg' panel alongside Lucas Bryant of Deloitte, Kenneth Chiu of Gaw Capital Partners, James Gaden of Walkers and Jad Nader of Ogier.

    The full speaker bios and event agenda can be found here.