Legal Notices


Ashurst practises law in Australia through Ashurst Australia. Ashurst Australia (ABN 75 304 286 095) is a general partnership constituted under the laws of the Australian Capital Territory.

Regulation of Australian legal profession

Australian legal practitioners are regulated by the local legal profession legislation in the state or territory in which they predominantly practise. While New South Wales and Victoria have enacted a Legal Profession Uniform Law, variations between those States and other jurisdictions in Australia mean that there is not a single national framework for legal profession regulation.

While this legislation is different across jurisdictions, generally a legal practitioner with a current practising certificate from one Australian jurisdiction is entitled to practise Australian law in every Australian state or territory. A lawyer registered to practise foreign law in one Australian jurisdiction is also entitled to practise foreign law in every Australian state or territory.

To avoid doubt, the legal profession legislation applies to the provision of legal services, but does not apply to the provision of any non-legal services by members of the Ashurst Group. These non-legal services do not constitute legal services or legal advice, and are not provided by Australian legal practitioners (acting in that capacity).


Ashurst maintains professional indemnity insurance as required by each compulsory scheme operating in the jurisdictions in which the firm practises. In addition to local cover, the firm maintains a global professional indemnity insurance program.

Together, the firm's local and global professional indemnity insurance program provides cover which Ashurst regards as appropriate for a firm such as ours. The firm's professional indemnity insurance program is confidential. Nevertheless Ashurst understands that its clients must be reasonably satisfied as to the appropriateness of the level of cover effected by the firm. While the firm has strict protocols about disclosures of its professional indemnity coverage, Ashurst will deal in good faith with you on this issue. If you require more information please contact Angela Pearson, partner and global general counsel or Rehana Box, partner.

Please also note the additional Legal Notices that relate to the whole of the Ashurst Group.