Psychosocial and Psychological Risks in the Workplace Report

If you have had a discussion with any employer or employee over the past year about key issues in their workplace, it is likely you will have found one resounding theme – psychological health is impacting workers and the workplace, the awareness of it is at an all-time high. And everyone is struggling with effective ways to manage it.

Ashurst's inaugural global survey, Psychosocial and Psychological Risks in the Workplace 2023, reveals eight findings on how organisations are managing psychosocial risks in the workplace. The report found that while there is a rising awareness of how psychological health can impact workers, many employers are still struggling to manage the issue. It also found considerable sector and regional differences in departmental responsibility and definitions as well as differing approaches to addressing psychosocial/psychological risks. Few organisations have taken a wholistic systems-based approach to this area of emerging focus for safety regulators and legislators.

Psychosocial risk survey report infographic with percentages of responses to global survey

The report compiles the views of senior business leaders from across the FTSE 100, Australia's Top 200 ASX-listed companies, and large government agencies and departments on psychological and psychosocial risks in the workplace.

Early detection of psychosocial risks in the workplace is crucial to managing these risks. Yet nearly 30 per cent of respondents indicated that their organisation does not report in any way to their senior management or board about psychosocial risk.

If you are interested to find out how Ashurst can support your organisation on its journey in addressing psychosocial risks in the workplace, please contact us for a confidential discussion.

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Psychosocial and Psychological Risks in the Workplace Report

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