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Funds Insider Issue 6

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    This edition will cover:

    • The ESG opportunity across Europe
    • Implications for the European energy policies as a result of the Ukraine conflict
    • Opportunities and considerations for funds looking to invest in energy beyond the 'net zero' agenda.  
    • The awaited amendment to pre-insolvency restructurings in Spain
    • Funds and their investors claiming damages for competition law infringements
    • Immigration and employment considerations for a mobile workforce
    • Basic housekeeping on data privacy and disclosure requirements for private equity firms

    As 2022 unfolds we continue to see growing uncertainty.  The global economy is facing increasing inflationary pressures, rising interest rates, ongoing COVID disruption, supply chain issues and fears of recession.  To add to that we also have increased political uncertainty, especially in the UK and, with mid-term elections due in November in the United States. 

    However, opportunities remain across the spectrum of private capital investing. There may have been a slowdown in M&A activity from record levels in 2021, but private equity funds still have significant dry capital to deploy.  Similarly a slowdown in public debt markets has created opportunities for private debt funds to provide solutions for larger and larger transactions as 2022 progresses.

    We hope you enjoy reading this edition of Funds Insider and please do get in touch if you have any feedback or if there are any topics that you would like us to cover in future editions.

    Funds Insider Issue 6


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