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Board priorities in 2024

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    2024 will be another year when companies are under stress from rapidly evolving macro-economic and geo-political issues as well as new and emerging strategic risks. How Boards prepare and respond will determine the extent of their company's success.

    Our global governance, sustainability and risk advisory experts have come together and identified their top 10 priorities for Boards to consider, and address, this year. These include internal controls, failure to prevent fraud, artificial intelligence, transition plans, cyber preparedness and resilience, psycho-social safety, ESG reporting, executive remuneration, greenwashing and class actions risk.

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    1. Internal controls

    Ensuring the effectiveness and proper cultural integration of internal controls has never been more important.

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    2. Failure to prevent fraud

    The new failure to prevent fraud offence will bring a new focus as organisations will need to demonstrate how they are managing fraud in all areas of the business.

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    3. Artificial intelligence

    The emergence of Generative AI was the biggest technological advance of 2023. In 2024, as organisations focus on embedding it into their business, they need to be addressing the risks it poses.

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    4. Transition plans

    Transition plans are coming, with a clear policy shift from voluntary to mandatory requirement to produce and publish them gaining traction.

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    5. Cyber preparedness & resilience

    In the face of increasing cyber activity from state-based criminals and the use of AI, it is a priority to ensure companies uplift their cyber readiness.

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    6. Psycho-social safety

    Boards must continue to develop their awareness, governance and reporting capability to effectively demonstrate workplace and worker psychological due diligence.

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    7. ESG reporting

    As jurisdictions across the globe adopt mandatory reporting regimes, there is an increased expectation for better management of ESG risks and opportunities.

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    8. Executive remuneration

    In a volatile market, executive remuneration continues to be a key focus for all stakeholders and continues to be a matter which makes tempers run high.

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    9. Greenwashing

    What was seen primarily as a reputational issue, 'greenwashing risk' is increasingly being looked at through a legal lens.

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    10. Class actions

    The significant increase in class actions in the UK presents a growing risk to corporates and financial institutions in every sector.

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