Erin Quinane

Erin Quinane

Head of Cognitive Endurance based in Sydney

Erin Quinane

Erin Quinane is head of cognitive endurance in our Ashurst Risk Advisory practice, Australia

Erin leads Ashurst Risk Advisory's Global Cognitive Endurance Programme. She has 20 years' management consulting experience working across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in the field of workplace mental health and high performance.

Erin has developed The Ashurst Global Cognitive Endurance Programme that is the only one of its kind in the world. Our Global Cognitive Endurance Programme draws on deep global expertise across multiple disciplines including neuroscience, cognitive endurance, leadership, work health and safety, and data analytics to provide world-class solutions grounded in scientific evidence that improves the cognitive endurance, productivity and leadership performance of senior executives.

Erin also has a doctorate in workplace mental health. Erin's PhD research explores the role of the Chief Executive Officer and senior executives to protect and manage employee mental health at the organisational level. Erin also worked with INSEAD, Columbia University, The University of Manchester, Stanford, Miami University, Cambridge University, Bath University, and University of Reading, to gather world-class data to develop a global solution. Erin's PhD research has also been peer reviewed and published in international A-Class journals. Currently, Erin is also an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow with RMIT University to continue advancing the field of workplace mental health. Erin is currently leading an international research study with RMIT, Columbia University and The University of Manchester exploring the role of the Board to govern mental health at work. This research study is sponsored by Ashurst, and includes interviewing 75 global Board members to capture the latest insights across global organisations and develop a practical solution that can applied across all Boardrooms to help Boards and Chief Executives govern and effectively manage workforce mental health at the organisational level.

Prior to joining Ashurst Risk Advisory, Erin worked for Big 4 Consulting firms and the Commonwealth Government.