Ashurst supports Pathways Japan to help refugees from Ukraine through education programme

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    Pathways Japan was established in 2021 with the aim to open new pathways for refugees through education. Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, Pathways Japan and its partner institutions cooperate with universities and language schools in Japan to admit and support Ukrainian students and their families who have fled their homes as a direct consequence of the Russian invasion. Pathways Japan provides orientation for the Ukrainian students under the programme on the essential matters to start a new life in Japan, including disaster responses and mental health care, based on the advice from fellow Ukrainians who have settled in Japan and been living here for a long time. In relation to this, Ashurst has inspired other major law firms in Tokyo to provide assistance to the programme, including the offer to use their office as the orientation venue. Last month, partners Ronnie King and Alexander Dmitrenko attended the reception welcoming the first group of students who have just arrived to Japan to pass on the words of encouragement to them. 

    Norimasa Orii, Pathways Japan's Representative Director said, "We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for Ashurst's support to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and the financial aid to our programme assisting educational institutions in Japan to accept Ukrainian students, who fled from their home due to the recent situation in Ukraine. We believe that the students studying in Japan under the programme will play a significant role in strengthening the ties between Ukraine and Japan and ultimately contributing to the peace in the future."

    Ashurst partner Alexander Dmitrenko added, "We are working with local NGOs to ensure the journey of the refugees and their family to Japan is made easily accessible and that the new life in Japan is as enjoyable and fulfilling as it could be, given the difficult circumstances. We have started fundraising efforts and we hope to give these people an opportunity to settle smoothly in Japan."