Ashurst launches new career framework and learning pathways to fuel growth of NewLaw professionals

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    The framework aims to support NewLaw professionals in maximising their potential and in attaining their career aspirations by identifying current and future skills needs and aligning training and development opportunities that support progression, including through to client facing, supervisory and management roles.

    Recognising that many NewLaw roles are very different from traditional law firm roles and, as such, have different expectations, the framework sets out clearly the core skills, knowledge and behaviours required for the full range of Ashurst Advance roles. It provides a breadth of information and support to help individuals understand which steps to take and how to prepare for progression to the next stage of their career, and is designed so that this is 'no ceiling' to reflect the full scope of progression possibilities.

    Given the rapid pace of change in the legal market, new opportunities for development and career advancement will continue to emerge. As such, the framework will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure its continued relevance in guiding and supporting the next generation to successfully build their NewLaw careers.

    Mike Polson, Head of Ashurst Advance Delivery, commented:

    "At Ashurst, we believe one of the key drivers of our success is our people. We are committed to investing in their personal growth and supporting each other to be at our best. The aim of this new careers framework is to provide a better-defined pathway built around clear role expectations and the stages within a long term career in NewLaw. It will remain fluid and we can adapt it as new roles inevitably emerge within Ashurst Advance, but we wanted to ensure that everyone at Ashurst has the opportunity to explore and clarify development areas that support people to hone their craft, increase their impact, and develop their career."

    Head of HR Business Partners, Karen Richardson, added:

    "This new framework provides practical tools and information necessary for navigating careers within the Ashurst Advance career life cycle. It supports our staff in delivering extraordinary results for our clients, the firm and their careers by setting out a clear pathway for development and progression. The framework also helps to present the many new and emerging NewLaw roles at Ashurst for those seeking an alternative to a traditional legal role. Ensuring we have market leading programmes such as this careers framework is critically important in supporting our staff and we know the value future talent places on initiatives like this - this is just one of many things we are doing to support our people in their careers."