Ashurst helps emerging talent build personal brand with launch of new e-learning module

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    Giving participants the opportunity to learn about personal branding and why it matters for job seekers, Ashurst's 'Building Your Personal Brand' programme teaches students how to manage their online brand and make an optimised LinkedIn profile that accurately reflects their skills and strengths. The experience is hosted on Forage, an innovative, open-access platform that connects users with companies and law firms.

    Carolyn O'Connor, HR Manager, National Early Careers Programs at Ashurst, said: "Being able to clearly demonstrate an individual's personal brand can really help when applying to internships, vacation schemes or full-time employment. Over 70% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, and of the employers that do conduct searches, over 50% found content that caused them not to consider or hire candidates. Our 'Building Your Personal Brand' programme sets out to equip people with the skills to make sure they feel confident in how they convey their personal brand to both their network and prospective employers.”

    Recognising that not everyone has a professional network around them to help them with guidance and support when making the decision as to whether a career in law is right for them, Ashurst is also launching a new platform to provide easy access to resources to ensure there is a level playing for all. The Ashurst Emerging Talent Hub, developed in partnership with Forage, provides access to the firm's virtual internship programmes, videos explaining the do's and don'ts of making a great application as well as 'A day in the life of' podcasts.

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