Valérie Mathérion-Ledjam

Valérie Mathérion-Ledjam

Head of Marketing and Communication – France based in Paris

Valérie Mathérion-Ledjam

Valérie Mathérion-Ledjam is the head of marketing, BD & communications in France.

Valérie is leading marketing, business development and communications for France. She joined us to implement a client-oriented strategy and a brand strategy creating Value and Content. She focuses on raising the profile and visibility of the partnership, as well as the positioning of the Paris Office, one of the key office in continental Europe.

Valérie ensures the revamping of internal and external processes in order to strengthen our client's portfolio and to identify new opportunities and challenges.

She also optimises Paris office memberships strategy and leads the local PR and social media proactive approach, renewing the storytelling and clarifying the new local positioning.

Valérie previously held similar positions at Allen & Overy and Natixis Private Equity.