Raquel Mendieta

Raquel Mendieta

Counsel based in Madrid

Raquel Mendieta

Raquel Mendieta is a counsel in the disputes team in Madrid

​Raquel specialises in civil and corporate litigation, economic criminal law and arbitration.

She represents and advises clients which are active in various economic sectors, in contractual and corporate disputes, real estate and construction controversies and liability claims related to investments in the financial sector and stock market, and has wide experience in domestic and international commercial arbitration. She also supervises the design and implementation of criminal corporate compliance programmes.

Raquel is also experienced in criminal cases related to market abuse (insider dealing), fraud, misappropriation, alteration of prices in public tenders and auctions, bribery, corruption and discovery and revelation of secrets.

Some of her key clients are Hewlett-Packard, UBS Bank, Endesa and Inaer.