Philip Hardy

Philip Hardy

Partner, Head of Risk Advisory, Australia based in Melbourne

Philip Hardy

Philip Hardy is the Head of Ashurst Risk practice, Australia

Phil leads the Ashurst Risk practice in Australia.  A strategic thinker with a creative 360-degree approach, Philip Hardy operates beyond the confines of traditional consultancy to deliver far-reaching solutions for clients.  He is not your typical risk consultant.

Beginning his career at a Big 4 firm over 20 years ago, Philip rose quickly through the firm, becoming partner in 2008 and recognised as Boss Young Executive of the Year in 2014. Leading major transformation and change programs at Deloitte, both internally and for clients, engendered an appreciation of how to best harness the energy that comes from complexity to achieve results above and beyond the goal of simple risk mitigation.

Phil's unique 360 degree method of approaching strategic quagmires saw him brought on board to head up and lead the creation of the Ashurst Risk practice in 2020. In building this practice, he continues his stellar reputation for illuminating opportunity with a methodology which embraces an interplay of ideas to cut through accepted orthodoxies and resolve embedded issues. Whilst recognising the opportunities that come from compromise, he nonetheless brings a laser focus to ensuring positive outcomes are maximised for his clients.

At the heart of every strategic impasse is people - with a keen understanding of human nature, Phil brings trust and a collaborative energy to each problem to ensure all viewpoints and ideas are heard and assessed. Unafraid of compromise and the mutual benefits that can come from negotiating in good faith, he nonetheless brings a laser focus to ensuring positive outcomes are maximised for his clients.

Phil's desire to find solutions and uncover potential for clients also extends to the work of his team, his firm and his wider community. His modern mindset is overlaid with a strategic, creative and inclusive perspective and sets Phil apart from the long-standing notion of what a risk consultant means to global business.