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Exploring ESG Litigation

This is the second episode of our podcast mini-series on energy and resources disputes with Myfanwy Wood and Tom Cummins.

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About this episode

In the second episode of our mini-series on energy and resources disputes, Myfanwy Wood and Tom Cummins, Partners in the disputes resolution team at Ashurst delve into ESG litigation.

Myfanwy and Tom discuss what is ESG litigation, why it is currently in the spotlight and companies and investors should prepare themselves in light of the new ESG litigation landscape.

"ESG issues are something that everyone should be monitoring very carefully. As you've said the cost of companies getting ESG wrong are high and they potentially result not only in financial damage if there is a claim for damages but it really is that reputational harm that affects the entire business. So, even if a claim is ultimately unsuccessful or any threat of action taken against a company doesn’t actually occur, the fact that is has been there can have lasting reputational consequences." says Myfanwy.


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