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UK Quoted Company Newsletter Q1 2022

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    UK Quoted Company Newsletter Q1 2022


    1. UK Listings Review Report: One Year On - Equity Capital Markets Update, 29/4/22

    2. HM Treasury publishes its policy approach to reforming the UK's prospectus regime - AGC 14, 10/4/22 (article 4)

    3. UK MAR: FCA publishes statement on the impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and implications for the financial markets and issuers - AGC 14, 10/4/22 (article 3)

    4. HM Treasury publishes consultation on proposed changes to the financial promotion regime (including proposed revisions to key financial promotion exemptions) - AGC 12, 28/1/22 (article 2)

    5. FTSE Russell publishes changes to the FTSE UK Index Series Ground Rules relating to free float, dual class share structures and market capitalisation - AGC 14, 10/4/22 (article 5)

    6. FCA Handbook changes affecting annual reporting and AGMs now in force (including rules affecting dissemination of information and copy documents to be sent to the FCA) - AGC 12, 28/1/22 (article 1)

    7.  FCA Decision Notice concerning an AIM company that issued false and misleading results and consequently misled investors - AGC 14, 10/4/22 (article )

    Annual General Meetings

    8. 2022 AGM and reporting season: what to expect - Corporate Briefing, 26/1/22

    9. Investment Association publishes shareholder priorities and the approach that its voting arm, IVIS, will take in 2022 - AGC 14, 10/4/22 (article 6)

    10. Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association publishes its 2022 Stewardship and Voting Guidelines for investors - AGC 13, 2/3/22 (article 5)

    11. Quoted Companies Alliance and Peel Hunt publish market survey of small and mid-cap quoted companies - 'The Eye of the Beholder – The differing perspectives on the UK's equity markets' - AGC 13, 2/3/22 (article 6)

    Corporate Reporting and Corporate Governance

    12. FCA announces the end of the financial reporting deadline relaxations for listed companies (introduced in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic) for reporting periods ending on or after 28 June 2022. The temporary measures for AIM companies will also cease for financial periods ending after this date - AGC 16, 1/4/22 (article 1)

    13. Final regulations and BEIS guidance published for in-scope companies and LLPs concerning mandatory climate-related disclosures in annual financial reports for financial periods beginning on or after 6 April 2022 - AGC 12, 28/1/22 (article 3), AGC 13, 2/3/22 (article 1)

    14. FCA finalises technical note on climate-related disclosure requirements for listed companies - AGC 13, 2/3/22 (article 2)

    15. FCA consults (CP22/5) on allowing companies to use a more up-to-date electronic format for their annual financial reports - AGC 16, 1/4/22 (article 2)

    16. FRC publishes report on the quality of reporting by private companies adopting the Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies - AGC 13, 2/3/22 (article 3)

    17. FTSE Women Leaders Review report on gender balance in FTSE leadership - AGC 13, 2/3/22, (article 4)

    18. Parker Review 2022 publishes its latest review of ethnic diversity in the FTSE 350 - AGC 15, 22/4/22, (article 2)

    19. Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association publishes report analysing the quality of workforce-related reporting in FTSE 100 2021 annual reports – 'How Do Companies report on Their Most Important Asset'? - AGC 15, 22/4/22 (article 3)

    20. FRC publishes latest signatories to the UK Stewardship Code - AGC 15, 22/4/22 (article 4)

    21ShareAction publishes '2022 Voting Expectations of Asset Managers' in which it focuses on shareholder voting on ESG-related resolutions - AGC 15, 22/4/22 (article 6)

    22. FRC publishes briefing on 'Corporate Purpose and ESG' which includes examples of best practice. - AGC 17, 21/4/22 (article 2)

    23. BEIS publishes a statutory review of reporting in accordance with the Payment Practices and Performance Regulations 2017 - AGC 17, 21/4/22 (article 5)

    Company Law

    24. Corporate Transparency and Reforming Companies House - Corporate Update, 10/3/22

    25. Overseas entities purchasing UK property obliged to provide details of 'beneficial owners' with significant influence or control in a new publicly available register of overseas entities to be held at Companies House - AGC 14, 10/4/22, (article 1)

    26. Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022 published. This facilitates the register of overseas entities holding UK property, the expansion of unexplained wealth orders and a new streamlined procedure for implementing sanctions - AGC 15, 22/4/22 (article 1)

    27. Government publishes a White Paper setting out a wide range of proposals on corporate transparency and reforms to Companies House - AGC 14, 10/4/22, (article 2)

    28. Companies House announces that its Companies House Direct and WebCHeck services will close later in 2022 - AGC 12, 28/1/22 (article 6)

    29. FRC publishes a 3-Year Plan setting out progress towards establishing the new Audit, Reporting and Governance Authority - AGC 17, 21/4/22 (article 6)

    30. FRC publishes new Audit Firm Governance Code for the Big Four audit firms and firms that audit FTSE-350 companies and significant numbers of public interest entities - AGC 17, 21/4/22 (article 7)

    Other Ashurst Q1 2022 publications


    31. Ashurst and Practical Law Company - Q1 2022 Company Law Bulletin -  Q1 2022, 21/4/22

    32. UK Public M & A Update Q1 2022 - Public M&A Update, 14/4/22

    33. EU proposed Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence - Corporate Update, 20/4/22

    Debt Capital Markets

    34. Quarterly Debt Capital Markets Update - Q1 202 - Debt Capital Markets Update, 20/4/22

    Real Estate

    35. The new beneficial ownership register for overseas entities: Implications for real estate - Real Estate Update, 29/4/22


    36. European Commission to introduce measures to support the economy in light of Ukraine crisis - Competition Update, 14/3/22

    37. UK National Security and Investment Act 2021 comes into force and update to CMA guidance - Competition Update, 1/2/22

    38. National Security and Investment Act implications for energy companies - Competition Update, 23/3/22

    Dispute Resolution/Corporate Crime

    39. What might be the business implications of Western sanctions on Russia? - Corporate Crime Update, 2/2/22

    40. International Sanctions on Russia: An Update - Sanctions and International Arbitration Update, 25/2/22

    41. The Ukraine conflict: force majeure and similar mechanisms- ADR Update, 1/3/22


    42. The new UK Global Mobility visas and other core changes to the Immigration Rules - a summary for employers - Employment Update, 22/3/22

    43. Right to work checks from 6 April 2022 - what employers need to know - Employment Update, 8/3/22

    44. Save the date - UK employment law changes and key dates - Employment Update, 15/3/22

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