Sustainability and our clients

Sustainable finance and renewables projects are the foundation of the global fight against climate change. 

Over recent years we have seen enormous growth in these areas, but if climate targets are to be met the rate of growth must increase significantly. Ashurst has designed this portal to spotlight the latest developments and thinking in sustainability.

Expertise across the full investment spectrum

The green revolution is providing a mix of challenges and opportunities for companies, financial institutions, multilaterals, developers and investors. Our knowledge and experience across renewables and green finance spans a variety of industries and jurisdictions.

In the sustainable finance market we act for borrowers, lenders, arrangers and investors across a broad range of financing transactions – renewable projects, bonds, loans and more. We are ideally placed to advise on all aspects of sustainable investment and development.

Our renewables team also advises clients in relation to some of the most complex and significant transactions, acting for sponsors, funders, contractors and authorities in relation to the acquisition, development, operation and financing of renewables projects across the globe including wind (onshore and offshore), solar (PV and CSP), hydro, geothermal and tidal. We also provide regulatory advice in these complex and ever-changing areas. Find out more about our market-leading projects and energy transition practice and the work we do on renewables.

Whatever your business or industry, sustainability should already be a key business consideration and will only become more so with increasing regulatory and reputational pressures. Our global team has the knowledge and expertise across the sustainability and legal spectrum to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities the green revolution poses.

Proven track record

We have worked on a number of ground-breaking green bonds and loans, many of which have been "firsts" in their market. We have also led on a number of major new renewable developments in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, including seven of the largest solar portfolio financings in the UK.

Dynamic approach

We understand that green and sustainable initiatives can take many forms along the green spectrum, running from bold "dark" green through to "light". We believe that any financing or project that incentivises and promotes environmentally responsible behaviour can potentially be considered "green". We work with our clients to explore the full range of green opportunities.

A global sustainability team

Our global sustainability team is spread across the major financial centres around the world. Wherever you need us, we will have the expertise and knowledge to support your sustainability ambitions.

Ashurst has the capacity, team spirit and the firepower to get complex deals over the finish line.

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