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Future Forces 2023: The megatrends shaping the infrastructure industry

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    Economic headwinds and geopolitical uncertainty notwithstanding, a sustained period ahead of infrastructure growth and innovation looks likely, thanks to a confluence of megatrends. Worldwide efforts to transition to net zero carbon emissions, cities' and regions' need for smart, energy-efficient infrastructure, and accelerated digitalisation will present growth opportunities for construction, transportation and IT companies well into the future.

    Workforce and skills-related challenges, however, could limit the ability of many organisations to pursue and benefit from those opportunities. Difficulties securing digital skills could, for example, compromise infrastructure providers’ ability to harness advances in technology. But securing them, allied to investments in automation and artificial intelligence (AI), can help these businesses to achieve cost reductions and much-needed efficiency improvements.

    A couple of key takeaways

    • Resilient cities: Meeting the needs for greener and smarter infrastructure in fast-changing cities is considered the top opportunity (48%) for infrastructure businesses in the survey.
    • Technology: Technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), will help address skills shortages and improve efficiency of the sector. While more than a third of businesses consider them to be the most attractive investment technology opportunities, their adoption will also present cybersecurity challenges.

    "Ranging from the establishment of new objectives to reduce carbon footprints and enhance climate resilience through to new strategies to build skillsets and using digital applications to enhance solutions and outcomes, the leading infrastructure players are adapting their business models to meet the challenges of a fast changing world."

    Mark Elsey, Partner

    Mark Elsey, Ashurst Partner

    Industry perspective: Infrastructure

    Learn about how the megatrends are shaping infrastructure businesses.


    Thought leadership

    Future Forces 2023 Report

    In collaboration with Economist Impact, our analysis has identified six megatrends - powerful forces believed to have the potential to change the global economy, business and society in the next decade.

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