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Firm Friends Alumni Yearbook 2023

Change Makers

Welcome to your Firm Friends yearbook

As alumni, you'll know that Ashurst has long been a place of progressive thinking, with a strong and entrepreneurial culture that champions its people. This year, we launched a bold new visual identity and brand positioning to reflect that forward-thinking spirit.

Outpacing change is about looking to the future and anticipating the needs of our clients and our people. It is a true reflection of our innovative, people-centric firm and in this edition, we are pleased to bring you interviews with a range of talented Ashurst people, past and present, who embody this spirit and who are each 'outpacing change' in their own unique ways. McLaren Formula 1 driver Oscar Piastri shares his thoughts on why it's important to stay connected with former colleagues, and we visit Ashurst global board member Lynn Dunne at home in London for our new 20 questions feature.

We love to hear about your continued journeys, so please get in touch with our alumni team to let us know what you've been doing, or to nominate other alumni that you would like to see featured in future publications. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome.

Wishing you all health and happiness for the year to come.

Karen Davies, Global Chair



Oscar Piastri – Why connections matter

Building a strong network of personal and professional relationships helps open doors to new opportunities. We asked McLaren driver Oscar Piastri why he thinks it's important to stay connected.

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