(Ashurst Korea JV)

Ashurst Korea JV is a joint venture between Ashurst LLP and HwaHyun Law Firm, established under the Foreign Legal Consultant Act of Korea and is part of the Ashurst Group.

Ashurst LLP is a limited liability partnership incorporated in England and Wales with registered number OC330252 and registered office at London Fruit & Wool Exchange, 1 Duval Square, London, E1 6PW.

HwaHyun Law Firm is a law firm in the Republic of Korea, registered with and regulated by the Korean Bar Association.

The Ashurst Group comprises Ashurst LLP, Ashurst Australia and their respective affiliates (including independent local partnerships, companies or other entities) which are authorised to use the name "Ashurst" or describe themselves as being associated or affiliated with Ashurst.

Ashurst has global professional indemnity insurance cover led by QBE Casualty Syndicate 386, Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3BD. Further details may be obtained from Angela Pearson, Partner and Global General Counsel.

Please also note the additional Legal Notices that relate to the whole of the Ashurst Group.