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The oil and gas market is undergoing major change. In addition to the regulatory and political challenges posed by the transition towards Net Zero, the industry is witnessing unprecedented volatility in oil and gas prices and significant fluctuations in global supply and demand. These pressures are causing many in the market to reconsider their contractual obligations, with particular attention being paid to price re-opener, force majeure and hardship provisions, as well as opportunities for early termination. Disputes between energy companies and states, service providers and joint venture partners are also increasing.

We work alongside our leading oil and gas transactional and projects teams, leveraging in-depth knowledge of the industry to help our clients navigate the demands and pitfalls of the current climate. Our extensive global reach and wealth of experience of acting as counsel in oil and gas disputes means that we are perfectly placed to provide incisive strategic and legal advice. In particular, we are able to:

  • act as advocates for our clients in their oil and gas disputes, whether before civil or common law tribunals, and whatever the substantive governing law involved;
  • assist with price review processes, including related commercial negotiations, formal arbitral proceedings and acting in extra-contractual competition law processes;
  • procure top quality expert evidence – on both quantum and industry issues - having worked with the leading oil and gas economists and industry experts as well as with leading petroleum academics;
  • negotiate and agree procedural rules which facilitate a smooth and rapid outcome whilst minimising the scope for ‘surprise’ and inequality as between the parties; and
  • negotiate, advise on and achieve a successful settlement of the dispute.

For more detail on our experience and global capabilities see our international arbitration page.




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