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International Arbitration Quickbites

Our Arbitration Quickbites video series provides a guide to key concepts in international arbitration and a step-by-step guide to the arbitration process.


Matthew Saunders   04 Sep 2019

Our introductory video, featuring our Global Head of International Arbitration Matthew Saunders, provides more detail on the content and thinking behind the videos.

What is arbitration?

Patrese McVeigh   04 Sep 2019
Video One

We explain what arbitration is and compare it to other methods of dispute resolution. (5 mins approx.)

Arbitration or Litigation?

Lana Kelly   04 Sep 2019
Video Two

A discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration as compared to litigation, and when arbitration would be more appropriate. (8 mins approx.)

Laws of Arbitration

Myfanwy Wood   04 Sep 2019
Video Three

An explanation of the different laws and rules that govern arbitration and their sources. (6 mins approx.)

Arbitration Process

Adam Firth   04 Sep 2019
Video Four

A step-by-step guide to the five key stages in the arbitration process. (7 mins approx.)

Designing an arbitration clause: the basics

Cathryn Neo   04 Sep 2019
Video Five

Provides a checklist of the key elements of any arbitration clause. (9 mins approx.)

Designing an arbitration clause: more complex situations

Georgia Quick   04 Sep 2019
Videos Six and Seven

Discusses three common drafting errors we regularly see in practice. (5 mins approx.)

Designing an arbitration clause: common pitfalls

Georgia Quick   04 Sep 2019
Videos Six and Seven

Discusses three common drafting errors we regularly see in practice. (5 mins approx.)

Tips for preparing your case

Michael Weatherley   04 Sep 2019
Video Eight

A guide for those who manage arbitrations on how to lessen the burden and reduce the costs of the arbitration as well as ensure their case is as robust as possible. (7 mins approx.)

Tips for presenting your case

Rob Palmer   04 Sep 2019
Video Nine

Top ten tips designed to assist in ensuring your case is as persuasive as possible. (8 mins approx.)

Enforcement: the basics

Stephanie Cameron   04 Sep 2019
Video Ten

An overview of the issues you need to consider when looking to enforce your arbitration award. (5 mins approx.)

Tips for successful enforcement

Emma Johnson   04 Sep 2019
Video Eleven

Our four top tips designed to ensure your arbitral award can be enforced. (4 mins approx.)

Challenging the award

Jeremy Chenoweth   04 Sep 2019
Video Twelve

Looks at how an award can be challenged or enforcement resisted. (6 mins approx.)

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