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Energy Transition

Rising demand, a drive towards decarbonisation and a universal focus on climate change, the global energy industry is in a state of transition. 

As an energy expert, Ashurst is an ideal strategic partner to support industry participants in navigating this shifting landscape.

Powering Change: Funding Net Zero

In this 2022 report, we look at what the energy industry currently thinks of the transition as we emerge from a covid-disrupted two years and how greater energy security has become more vital than ever.


Energy Transition Investment

In this 2021 report, we explore how the global focus on climate change is driving significant shifts in the investment strategies being adopted by organisations throughout the G20.


Energy Transition: Hydrogen

It is clear that hydrogen will play an important part in replacing fossil fuels for electricity generation, transportation and other industrial processes but what is the investment appetite, and how prepared are countries and organisations to develop, adopt and invest in hydrogen?


Powering Change: Energy in Transition

In 2020 we explored the changing global energy markets as organisations seek to meet rising energy demands while also achieving decarbonisation.


Investing in hydrogen: a global interactive guide

Our interactive guide helps you navigate the emerging hydrogen strategies and regulations, available incentives and major projects in the pipelines of select countries, where there is a significant focus on the emerging hydrogen market.


As the energy transition takes place, with increasing emphasis on cleaner and renewable technology, energy sourcing and usage is under more scrutiny than ever before.

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