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Future Forces 2023: the megatrends shaping digital economy businesses

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    In considering the megatrends' impacts across different sectors, digital economy businesses-technology producers and e-commerce companies occupy a unique position, being major drivers of change in their own right as digital pacesetters.

    Nevertheless, the megatrends at work will shape the operating environment of these businesses—both directly, and in how digital economy businesses can support other sectors in negotiating the megatrends.

    Some key takeaways:

    • Ongoing digitalisation is the paramount megatrend shaping the fortunes of digital economy businesses for the foreseeable future. Organisations in all industries are rapidly becoming digital-first narratives of the data economy.
    • Leaders of digital economy firms also expect to struggle adapting to an evolving and aging workforce. Securing and retaining talent will require great flexibility to accommodate increasingly diverse work-regimes, benefits and other demands.

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    Industry perspective: Digital Economy

    Learn about the impact of the megatrends on digital economy businesses.


    "Digital economy businesses need to understand the impact of megatrends on other sectors because they are increasingly relied upon to bring innovative solutions to the table."

    Anthony Lloyd, Partner

    Anthony Lloyd

    Thought leadership

    Future Forces 2023 Report

    In collaboration with Economist Impact, our analysis has identified six megatrends - powerful forces believed to have the potential to change the global economy, business and society in the next decade.

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