Economic expertise

Economic expertise - more information 

The Ashurst economists are able to help in the following ways:

Identifying the key economic arguments
Ashurst is the only City law firm that provides fully integrated legal and economic advice, which provides our clients with a  seamless service. The Ashurst economists are involved in cases from the outset and work closely with lawyers, which ensures that the economic arguments are sensible and persuasive, and that the arguments and evidence meet the requisite legal standards.

Drafting written submissions
The Ashurst economists are experts in preparing and drafting written submissions to competition authorities, regulators and the Courts. Working alongside lawyers, the economists are able to explain complex and technical economic concepts in a manner that is convincing, influential and yet understandable to non-economists. The fully integrated nature of the legal and economic advice at Ashurst also ensures consistency of the arguments throughout our submissions.

Carrying out empirical economic analysis
Economic and quantitative analysis can ultimately be the decisive factor in influencing case decisions. The Ashurst economists are equipped with all the relevant quantitative and analytical skills required to assess the key competition issues at stake. The team's empirical analysis has been influential in obtaining favourable decisions in a number of high profile UK and EC merger and antitrust cases, and the team has been commended for the clarity of its approach.

Quantitative techniques are frequently used in all aspects of competition policy
For example, they are now frequently used to assist in defining the scope of the relevant product and geographic market(s); they are used to assess the market power of firms and the competitive constraints provided by rivals; they can be used to assess the magnitude of barriers to entry and expansion in the market, and to assess whether certain customers have buyer power; and they are used in the calculation of damages for infringements of competition law.  Where appropriate, the empirical techniques used by the economists at Ashurst include the following: impact assessments/shock analysis; price correlation analysis; stationarity analysis; critical loss analysis; isochrone analysis; price/concentration analysis; surveys; bidding studies; econometric analysis.


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