Meet Ashurst at Global ABS, 13 - 15 June

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    Global ABS returns as a major catalyst of structured product deal flow across Europe. Issuers looking to market their latest offerings and investors seeking yield in the ABS market will have ample opportunity to meet and stay connected before, during and after the physical conference.

    Our Global Finance team are attending: 


    Martin Kaiser, Head of Securitisation Practice, Europe 

    Ivan Zlatanov, Securitisation Counsel

    Stephan Lehnen, Securitisation Senior Associate 


    Malcolm Charles, Corporate Trust & Agency Partner

    Lee Doyle, Global Co-Chair Bank Industry & Global Loans Partner 

    Mark Edwards, Head of Global Loans UK/US

    Matthew Pentecost, Speciality Finance Partner 

    Thomas Picton, Securitisation Partner

    Ciaran Vinaccia, Corporate Trust & Agency Partner

    Theodoros Kotsiras, Securitisation Senior Associate 

    Elizabeth Street-Thompson, Global Loans Senior Associate 

    Henry Hillind, Securitisation Associate 


    Emma Malone, Structured Finance & Securitisation Partner


    Annalisa Santini, Structured Finance & Securitisation Partner


    Agathe Motte, Structured Finance & Securitisation Partner

    Aurélien Fournier, Structured Finance & Securitisation Counsel 


    Katia Fettes, Global Loans Counsel


    Ashurst Drinks Reception at Purobeach, which offers stunning views of the Barcelona skyline.

    Wednesday 14 June 2023, 5-9 pm

    To register your attendance, please email


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