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April 2019

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George Cooper and Ronnie King, partners 01 Apr 2019

Did the pile of blank letterhead give it away?

George Cooper and Ronnie King discuss an investigation into employee fraud and bribery across six countries in APAC and EMEA, in which a pile of blank letterhead was a key piece of evidence. (5 mins approx.)


Corey McHattan and Trent Sebbens, partners 01 Apr 2019

So what if there were impressions of hand written dates on the documents?

Corey McHattan and Trent Sebbens discuss the impact that Australia's new whistle-blower laws would have had on past investigations, and managing regulator reporting obligations. But what was the relevance of impressions of hand written dates on a pile of documents? (7 mins approx.)


Michaël Cousin and Nataline Fleury, partners 01 Apr 2019

Where's the smoking gun evidence?

Michaël Cousin and Nataline Fleury discuss a quest for 'smoking gun' evidence of competition law infringements, in the context of French employment law procedural protections. Did they find the 'smoking gun'? (5 mins approx.)


Andreas Mauroschat and Nicolas Nohlen, partners 01 Apr 2019

Is a witness credible with no supporting documents?

Andreas Mauroschat and Nicolas Nohlen discuss witness credibility, and the importance of global policies and clear communication when managing perceptions in an investigation into alleged harassment involving 15 (yes 15) countries. (5 mins approx.)

United Kingdom

Crowley Woodford and David Capps, partners 01 Apr 2019

Why are we still investigating – they resigned?

Crowley Woodford and David Capps discuss managing employment and regulatory requirements in tandem while investigating an alleged conflict of interest in personal financial transactions. In this matter, the respondent resigned before the investigation was complete, so what did they do? (5 mins approx.)

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