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Government CPD Boost 2023

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    Government CPD Boost 2023, our CPD intensive program, explores a range of practical and legal issues for government in-house counsel across Australia.  This year we brought together Ashurst’s State, Territory and Federal government clients to deliver a comprehensive range of CPD topics that are specifically designed for government lawyers.

    These webinars were recorded in March 2023. Many Australian jurisdictions do not allow CPD to be claimed for watching audio visual material produced more than 12 months ago.

    For practising certificates held in NSW / VIC / ACT / QLD / SA / TAS / NT: The CPD schemes of most Australian jurisdictions are based on the principles of self-assessment. If our recorded webinar extends your knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant to your practice needs or professional development, then you may be able to claim CPD. It is up to each individual to plan their CPD according to the regulations of their jurisdiction. Your law society is the best place to visit for further information about CPD requirements.

    If relevant to your practising jurisdiction, to receive your confirmation certificate, complete the online form which will appear when you have finished watching each recorded webinar.

    For practising certificates held in WA: Unfortunately at this time Ashurst Australia is not able to allocate this recorded webinar (a non-interactive electronic activity) as a CPD activity in Western Australia.

    Note on CPD category names: The names of CPD categories differ across some jurisdictions:

    • "Professional Skills" is called "Professional Skills in Legal Practice" in NT
    • "Practice Management & Business Skills" is called "Practical Management or Business Skills" in SA and TAS
    • "Ethics & Professional Responsibility" is called "Practical Legal Ethics" in QLD, SA and TAS, "Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility" in ACT, and "Professional Ethics and Responsibility" in NT
    • "Substantive Law" is called "Substantive Law and Procedural Law" in ACT


    Mental health and psychosocial risk

    Trent Sebbens, Partner, Disputes, Investigations & Advisory, Ashurst | Lauren Brignull, Director, Ashurst Risk Advisory  8 Mar 2023

    Mental health and psychosocial risk in crisis and frontline service delivery

    With psychosocial risk now a clear focus, managing this risk in times of crises has become critical. We examine managing workplace mental health/psychosocial risk when dealing with emergency responses and unplanned significant change.

    ½ point Practice Management & Business Skills and ½ point Substantive Law (NSW/VIC/ACT/QLD/SA/TAS/NT)
    (WA n/a)

    The accidental project manager

    Joshua Greenroyd, Co-Head of Legal Project Management APAC, Ashurst Advance | Craig Morris, Co-Head of Legal Project Management APAC, Ashurst Advance  8 Mar 2022

    The Accidental Project Manager

    This session focuses on practical project management methodology, tools, and techniques for in-house lawyers who find themselves managing large projects or legal matters within the legal team or with panel law firms.

    1 point Practice Management & Business Skills (NSW/VIC/ACT/QLD/SA/TAS/NT)
    (WA n/a)

    Ethics and professional duties

    Melissa Yeo, Partner, Disputes, Investigations & Advisory, Ashurst | Kellie Hairsine, Counsel, Projects, Energy Transition & Real Estate, Ashurst 8 March 2023

    This session includes a refresher on professional obligations, the consequences of crossing the line and provides some practical tips for dealing with ethical dilemmas.

    1 point Ethics and Professional Responsibility (NSW/VIC/ACT/QLD/SA/TAS/NT)
    (WA n/a)

    What to expect in 2023 from the National Anti-Corruption Commission

    Melanie Mckean, Partner, Disputes, Investigations & Advisory, Ashurst | Rani John, Partner, Disputes, Investigations & Advisory, Ashurst  9 Mar 2023

    An overview of the scope and operation of the new Commission and lessons from other integrity commissions

    This session draws on lessons learned from State and Territory integrity commissions to explore how the NACC is likely to operate and how this will affect agencies.

    1 point Substantive Law (NSW/VIC/ACT/QLD/SA/TAS/NT)
    (WA n/a)

    Supply chain security resilience

    John Macpherson, Director, Head of Cyber Response, Ashurst Risk Advisory | Mathew Baldwin, Partner, Digital Economy Transactions, Ashurst  9 Mar 2023

    Improving an agency's supply chain security and readiness for a high impact cyber incident

    This session examines how government agencies should manage supply chain security risk when engaging and managing suppliers, and what happens when a supplier suffers a data breach.

    ½ point Practice Management & Business Skills and ½ point Substantive Law (NSW/VIC/ACT/QLD/SA/TAS/NT)
    (WA n/a)

    Using neuroscience to improve written communication - a deeper dive

    Camilla Wayland, Head of Expertise APAC, Ashurst | Leonie Flynn, Expertise Counsel, Ashurst 16 Mar 2023

    A deeper dive

    We explain how neuroscience research into the way people read and absorb information can be deployed to improve the delivery of legal advice. We include a refresher on visuals, document design and clear writing and introduce you to some simple but transformative editing techniques..

    1 point Professional Skills (NSW/VIC/ACT/QLD/SA/TAS/NT)
    (WA n/a)

    The information provided is not intended to be a comprehensive review of all developments in the law and practice, or to cover all aspects of those referred to.
    Readers should take legal advice before applying it to specific issues or transactions.

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