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​Using technology to improve the performance of legal tasks. Our expert legal technology team is embedding automation throughout Ashurst's client service, saving time and increasing accuracy.

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Embracing digital changes to empower cutting-edge legal service

Technology is transforming the way legal services are delivered and by placing it at the heart of Ashurst's legal work we are ensuring clients receive a dynamic service. We have invested in a specialist team of Legal Technologists, based in the UK and Australia, who possess a unique blend of legal knowledge and software development expertise. As technology becomes ever more integral to legal service, the team's dual background and skills represent a critical resource for Ashurst and our clients. Looking to the future, we are collaborating with new partners in applying the most powerful solutions in artificial intelligence, search, workflow, analytics and other emerging LegalTech fields to increase the speed, accuracy and insights of our client services.

Working at the frontier of legal technology

Ashurst has already developed and implemented a wide range of innovative legal technology solutions. For example:

  • Document automation: strategic partner to the world's leading contract automation provider, supporting both Ashurst and its clients
  • Legal advice automation: in-house expertise in the development of sophisticated logic engines to deliver self-service legal applications including contract risk assessment tools and automated legal advice
  • Contract review: global adoption of artificial intelligence document review software, using machine learning and integrated workflow to drive efficiency in due diligence activity
  • At the frontier: the first global adopter of document cross-referencing technology
  • E-disclosure: specialists embedded in our practice teams for more than 20 years, providing a global service to our lawyers and clients

A major global investment bank produced large quantities of tailored financial instruments, which were:

  • complex and high risk, requiring high levels of drafting accuracy;
  • subject to tight deadlines; and
  • drafted by an in-house legal team that was under increasing pressure to reduce costs.

Ashurst Finance lawyers prepared suites of standard terms and conditions which were then coded by Ashurst Advance Legal Technologists and uploaded to our automation solution.


  • Drafting times reduced by over 90%.
  • Drafting delegated to junior personnel, reducing production costs.
  • Increased consistency resulting in an overall reduction in portfolio risk.

A large listed retailer lacked centralised control over contracts entered into by its various business units. This raised several issues e.g.:

  • contracts stored on various drives and personal folders;
  • lost documents, complicating the handling of disputes;
  • contract variations agreed but not signed, reducing ability to enforce;
  • lack of awareness of contracts affecting multiple divisions; and
  • loss of corporate memory through staff turnover.

Following detailed analysis by the Ashurst legal team, a contract management solution was configured.  Legal Analysts then reviewed all existing and ongoing contracts, uploading them to the newly established system and setting automatic reminders for renewals and reviews. 


  • Legal team and CFO with a complete and real-time overview of their contract portfolio.
  • Commercial teams able produce reports on their contracts, values and key dates.
  • Significant reduction in complexity through unavailable documents.
  • Increase in contract renewal deadlines met and efficiency in management of portfolio.
Case Tracking System

Our Disputes team manages 28 active matters for a client through our case tracking system.  Our client is able to log in and view the current status and latest documents for any of its matters at any time.  
Machine learning accelerated contract reviews

A global energy company needed to review 5,000 government permits in connection with the transfer of a large project.  

The Ashurst Advance team taught our artificial intelligence software to recognise and extract key data from the contracts and government permits, halving the time needed to review the documents.   
Logic Engine

A financial information provider was releasing a new product suite to customers at the same time that new regulations were being imposed in their market.  The client’s customers were unclear whether regulations applied to them and therefore which products were available.  There was concern that sales would be reduced and the cost of addressing regulatory enquiries would be prohibitive.

By making a logic engine available directly to the client's customers, instant regulatory guidance could be provided based on individual circumstances, with challenging issues escalated to legal teams.
Bringing together the broadest range of emerging technologies and deep legal expertise provides a compelling proposition to benefit our clients. TAE ROYLE, HEAD OF DIGITAL LEGAL SERVICES
Ashurst Advance

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