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Prepare before you begin

Get to know us (if you haven’t already) by reading through our website and talking to some people who work here. This is to ensure we are interviewing people who have researched us well and understand why we are different. Just as importantly, get to know yourself: make an honest assessment of what you do well and not so well.

Detail your strengths and weaknesses

We want to know you have the competencies we are looking for, so tell us about them in your own words. In your letter, be sure to describe your qualities and give examples of your achievements. Don’t just say you're a brilliant team leader. Instead, make sure you highlight the leadership roles you've held, and explain what each role involved and what you achieved in it.

Write clearly

Try not to make your application wordy and formal, or over-familiar. We will be most impressed if you explain yourself simply and clearly with the use of evidence. Lots of applicants tell us they want to join Ashurst because they would relish the chance to work on cutting edge deals. Find a way to express this in your own words.

Use the application to shape your interview

Your interviewers use your application as a basis for the interview and are likely to ask you about the things you have highlighted. Use your work experience to full effect –  it doesn’t matter whether your work experience is in a legal or non-legal role. Put it in and tell us what you've learned from it

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