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Spread across five offices nationally – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth – we offer legal support in every Australian state and territory, drawing on a history of more than 175 years operating in the market.

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Schemes and programmes

Find out what it's like to work for us by applying for a seasonal clerkship, or, if you are ready, apply for our graduate programme.

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Application process

Clerkship first

We offer most of our graduate positions to those who have completed a clerkship in one of our offices.  So, apply for a place at the office of your choice.  Any further graduate roles will be advertised here, after the clerkship season ends. There's plenty of information on our career journey and application pages about our clerkships and how to apply.  Make sure you know when to apply.

Online application form

First, decide which office to apply to – we can accept only one application from you. Our clerkship recruitment periods vary between states, so check the relevant key dates.

Apply by addressing your application form to the Graduate Programme Consultant for the Ashurst office you want to work in. What you say in your application is up to you: but be sure to express your personality and tell us why you want to be a commercial lawyer – and why you’d like to join Ashurst in particular.

Academic achievement is, of course, a good place to start when putting together your application: you'll need a strong academic performance across secondary, tertiary and postgraduate studies.

Just as importantly, we'll look for the qualities that will make you a good Ashurst lawyer. We like to see confidence (but not overconfidence) – whether that's on paper or in person, with your peers or with a boardroom full of clients.

Face-to-face interview

We believe in focusing on the individual so we don't run assessment centres. If we invite you to an interview, you’ll have the chance to attend an open evening to meet partners and lawyers and move your mind further towards what a career at Ashurst can look like.

During your interview, we’ll use both competency and scenario-based questions to find out if you have the behaviours we look for. We need people with a rare kind of mindset: an openness in the way you work, an agility in the way you think, and a strong desire to keep evolving as a professional. One of our current graduates will also give you a tour of our offices – a good opportunity for you to ask about their experience with the firm.

Graduate recruitment

People who complete our clerkship programme usually go on to fill all the places on our graduate programme. If we need to recruit more graduates to meet business needs, we’ll advertise those roles.

Before you apply

Here are our responses to some frequently asked questions and some handy tips and hints to help you with your application.

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Our people

There’s an energy and vibrancy here at Ashurst – and it’s all down to the people that work here. Why not meet some of them?

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To search and apply for graduate vacancies and read more detailed job descriptions, visit our jobs portal.

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