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We see the law as a profession that comes with ethical obligations including that of making the law available to all. Our pro bono practice allows our lawyers to fulfill this obligation and give back to the community.

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We ground our pro bono practice in the ethics of professional responsibility

We are committed to creating a leading pro bono practice on a global scale.

We consider pro bono as a stand-alone legal practice. This results in quality legal services for our pro bono clients. These legal services are provided in accordance with our established pro bono criteria which states that pro bono is the provision of legal assistance free of charge:

  • to disadvantaged and marginalised people of limited means;
  • to non-profit organisations and social enterprises assisting people who are disadvantaged and marginalised, where payment of legal fees would unreasonably deplete the organisation's economic resources; and
  • in matters for the public good of broad public or community concern.

Each of our global offices, and the regions within which they operate, has or is developing one or more focus areas. This ensures our pro bono services are provided in the most effective manner. As an example, in Australia, Ashurst has a long history of supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and people in rural, regional and remote areas; this support remains at the heart of our pro bono practice. We also respond to critical or emerging areas of community need.

We have had a global pro bono partner since the merger between Ashurst LLP and Ashurst Australia in 2013. Prior to that Ashurst Australia had a national pro bono partner, appointed in 2007. Our global pro bono and corporate responsibility partner, Sarah Morton-Ramwell, aims for each of our offices to operate a leading national pro bono practice. Sarah also recognises the importance of taking on cross-border pro bono projects which enable our offices to work together to tackle global and regional social justice issues. Alongside our pro bono legal work, we also play an active role around the world in supporting the development of local pro bono culture, infrastructure and collaboration.

In the below videos, Sarah discusses developing a pro bono legal practice and best practice for improving pro bono performance. The videos have been created by Thomson Reuters, which through their Foundation supports TrustLaw, a pro bono brokerage that acts to promote socio-economic progress and the rule of law worldwide. Sarah sits on TrustLaw's Council and was asked to produce these masterclass videos on pro bono to share her expertise and experience with others. Also available below is our Global Pro Bono & Corporate Responsibility Report.

Please click here for the transcript of developing a pro bono legal practice, and here for the transcript of best practice for improving pro bono performance.

We believe all individuals should be able to have access to the legal system to protect or assert their rights, irrespective of their financial situation. This belief is at the heart of our global pro bono practice, ensuring that we focus our efforts where access might otherwise be denied. Paul Jenkins, Managing Partner

Pro Bono Masterclass One

Sarah Morton-Ramwell 18 May 2016

Developing a Pro Bono Practice

In this video Sarah discusses how to set up a pro bono legal practice and the business case for pro bono.

Pro Bono Masterclass Two

Sarah Morton-Ramwell 18 May 2016

Best Practice for Improving Pro Bono Performance

In this video Sarah discusses strategies to help grow and improve pro bono performance.

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