ABOUT ASHURST Our innovation principles

Our innovation principles frame the way we approach innovation as Ashurst – everyone at Ashurst has the potential to innovate.

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Innovation is a dynamic and creative process.

By applying our innovation principles to the way we approach innovation, we will master the ability to continuously change and innovate. We will embrace change and will build today, the law firm of tomorrow.

Our principles

Collaborate to innovate 

Inside Ashurst – Innovation is not delegated to one unit. Everyone at Ashurst innovates.

Outside Ashurst – We cultivate diverse networks to help us generate novel solutions. By meeting people with diverse backgrounds, we extend our own knowledge.

Aim for the impossible

Our mindsets are not constrained by today's parameters. We regularly reframe our thinking so we can look beyond what others in our industry (and the world) might be thinking.

Constantly improve

We embrace change. Not a day goes by where we do not implement some improvement.

Clients are at the heart of our innovation

Our innovation efforts begins by deeply understanding the stakeholders involved. By applying empathy and user-centred design, we create innovations that benefit our internal and external stakeholders.

Experiment, learn, experiment

We learn through doing. Every experiment creates new knowledge that feeds into the next experiment.

Share everything you can

We know that decisions based on partial information produce sub-optimal results so we capture and share knowledge in order to innovate better and faster than others.

Measure performance

We are a high-performance firm that pursues high-performance innovations. Reaching our targets instils a sense of achievement. What gets measured, gets done.

Celebrate success

We celebrate and share the achievements of our colleagues. They are the reward and recognition we all need to go the extra mile.

Our innovation principles are designed to tap into the innovative potential of everyone at Ashurst
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